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inkjet decal paper texas-tape.

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Inkjet decal paper.
 HYAZ TM and Papilio TM Specialty Media.
Water slide decal paper. Waterproof inkjet vinyl.

Inkjet Media
Inkjet Decal Paper
Inkjet Rub On Decal Paper
Inkjet Glossy Clear Vinyl
Inkjet Glossy Photo Film
Inkjet Waterproof Vinyl
Inkjet Removable WProof Vinyl
Inkj Clear Ultra Cling
Inkjet White Ultra Cling
Inkjet Clear Static Cling
Inkjet White Static Cling
Inkjet Adhesive Transperancy
Inkjet Temporary Tattoo
Inkjet Adhesive Backlit Film
Inkjet Gold Metallic Adh
Inkjet Silver Metallic Adh
Inkjet Holographic
Laser Media
Laser Decal Paper
Laser Soft Decal Paper
Laser Bake On Decal Paper
General Laser Self Adhesive Media
HP Laser Self Adhesive Media
HP Laser Ultra Cling
Laser Poly Base Film
Other Media
Metallic Transfer Foils

Inkjet decal paper.

To order our products please go to our ecommerce website www.texascraft.com.

If you are looking for specialty media that you can not find by browsing through this website and/or if you have any questions please call us.


PO Box 855
Rhome, TX 76078, USA
Tel: 940.627.0112
Fax: 817.489.3650
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Waterproof inkjet vinyl.

Metallic Inkjet.



Main Logo Papilio texastape USA


Welcome to the website of HPS LLC (Papilio) Decatur TX USA.




Manufacturers of water-slide decal paper. Paper converter of cling/tack film for both Inkjet and laser printers. We are also proud to offer a wide selection of digital media along with packaging and presentation materials for the desktop (tabe top) publishing industry.

This website contains information about our printing and desktop (tabe top) publication media and related products. We offer a wide selection of specialty media for both Inkjet and laser printers. Just a handful of our specialty media include: water-slide decal papers, self-adhesive vinyl and polyester films, metallic transfer foils, even glow in the dark self-adhesive media.

In general HPS offers a variety of water slide decal paper.  Inkjet media, printable laser media, and finishing products for the desktop (tabe top) publishing industry. We offer media for printing your own production labels, making your own bumper stickers, static cling media is available in both clear and white, we also offer our Ultra Cling media for both Inkjet and laser printers, which has the advantages of static cling without the drawbacks. We are a main US distributor for flexible, printable, magnetic sheets. As well as thick (30 mil) magnetic sheets which are excellent for creating vehicle signs when partnered with our white waterproof vinyl. Whether you have a desktop (tabe top) publishing business or are just interested in arts and crafts you owe it to yourself to try our media, you won't be disappointed.


If you can't find the media you're looking for listed here please call us at (940)627-0118 from 9 am to 5 pm central time.


To order our product please go to our e-commerce website.

Inkjet decal media, metallic film, ultra cling etc. Inkjet Media
HPS offers a wide selection of media for Inkjet printers. Using our website you may order various types of Inkjet printable film and specialty media for promotional productions, trial runs, and all your desktop (tabe top) publishing needs. The following is just a short list of some of the media we carry both in retail packs and in bulk.
  • Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper [white] [clear]
  • Inkjet Ultra Cling [white] [clear]
  • Inkjet flexible magnetic [glossy sheets] [matte sheets] [glossy business cards] [matte business cards]
  • Inkjet Clear Vinyl (self adhesive) [matte] [glossy] [hammered]
aser decal paper bumper sticker media etc. Laser Media
HPS is proud to offer a wide selection of media for selected laser printers. It is important that before ordering any of our media you check for compatibility with your equipment. The majority of our media works well in laser printers which use an oil fuser unit. For Hewlett Packard laser printers we now offer media specifically made for high heat laser printers.
  • Decal paper.
  • Water-Slide decal material and precoated paper.
  • Tattoo paper.
  • Self-Adhesive poly base film (sticker media)
  • Holographic self-adhesive media.
  • Glossy catalog paper.
Other media, flexible magnetic etc. Other Media
The products contained in this category are media not intended for direct printing. This includes artist grade over-laminates (cold laminate), thick flexible magnetic, and metallic transfer foils.
  • Inkjet Artist Laminate Film in different gloss grades for Inkjet Media.
  • Waterproof Flexible Inkjet Magnetic Kit.
  • Metallic transfer foils.
Other products. Other Products
This category is for companion products for use with our water-slide decal paper and other media. Including products such as aerosol sprays and other items useful in the application and finishing of decals.
  • UV aerosol spray.
  • Clear acrylic spray.
  • Oil enamel aerosol spray.
  • Decal foam applicators and decal squeegee.
  • Transfer adhesive.



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Inkjet magnetic flexible paper.
Inkjet Magnetic

Inkjet ultra cling.

Ultra Cling

Inkjet media such as our waterproof vinyl.

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Made in USA inkjet decal paper.
Inkjet media made in the USA.


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