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inkjet decal paper texas-tape.

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Inkjet decal paper.
 HYAZ TM and Papilio TM Specialty Media.
Water slide decal paper. Waterproof inkjet vinyl.

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Inkjet decal paper.

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Waterproof inkjet vinyl.


Water slide decal paper made in the USA by HPS LLC

For a free sample please send a large self addressed and stamped envelope to;
P.O. BOX 855
Rhome TX 76075
Waterslide decal paper.

Pre-Coated Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper.

Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper

for Inkjet printers.


Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers All desktop (tabe top) Inkjet Printers
Color Available in Clear & White
Thickness Film .0015"  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
Adhesive Water-based Gelatin
Outdoor Life N/A 
Instructions Included
Tools/Material needed Water, Decal Squeegee, and Fixative
Note: Indoor use only. 


Make decals using this paper and Papilio Decal Aerosol or Papilio Decal Liquid Fixative.


Clear Inkjet Water Applied Decal Paper (Water slide decal paper)

Please go to our new e-commerce website http://www.texascraft.com to order this item

Clear Water-Slide Decal Paper
10 sheets 8.5" X 11"
Item# IAS8511KK


Clear Water-Slide Decal Paper
100 sheets 8.5" X 11"
Item# IAS8511KH

For bulk quantity please go directly to our e-commerce website or call us.


White Inkjet Decal Paper

Decal Accessories for Water Applied Decal paper.

Rubber decal squeegeeDecal fixative aerosol.Decal foam applicator.


Rubber Decal Squeegee
Soft Decal Squeegee
Item# RDS314


Foam Applicators
Soft Foam Applicators
Item# WFP32 32 Applicators
Aerosol Decal Fixative
Spray Fixative for easy application 9 fl oz


Liquid Decal Fixative
For Inkjet Decals




How to make clear water decal.


The clear decals are made in the same way as the white decals with the following exceptions.

1) Use the CLEAR Decal fixative

Let the first coat (the puddle) remain on the decal for about 20 seconds, gently moving the puddle around the decal for the first few seconds, then wait. Using the foam pad removed the excess fluid off and over the edge of the paper and onto a piece of cardboard, and then discard the cardboard. This leaves a thick and even coating on the image. Let the decal dry for at least a few hours, or overnight. A second coat might not even be necessary.


Applying water side or water-slip decals.

You must first cut out the image with scissors, or use a sharp modeling knife. Dip the piece of paper in warm water (make sure it is not hot). When the paper gets wet it may roll up but will then straighten out again.

When the decal film begins to loosen from the paper, place the paper on the substrate (on the item you are decorating) to b and THEN slide the paper out from under the decal.

Air bubbles are removed using a decal squeegee (you can order this item at texascraft.com and and then let the decal  dry. For a professional looking decal it is important to remove ALL air bubbles and water from under the decal.

Be careful NOT to cut out the decal first and then apply the solution as the edges of the paper will absorb the liquid, making it impossible to later slide the decal off the paper.

Water-Slide decal paper.

How to apply water-slide decal film.

Instructions updated Tuesday, October 18, 2011



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Inkjet magnetic flexible paper.
Inkjet Magnetic

Inkjet ultra cling.

Ultra Cling

Inkjet media such as our waterproof vinyl.

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Made in USA inkjet decal paper.
Inkjet media made in the USA.


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